One fine day

I thought you might like to know what a typical day ( in this case Wednesday May 29 ) looks like…Tuesday night we were anchored off Russian Bay…this is a spacious yet protected spot with panoramic views of the Peloponnese mountains tucked under with straggling settlements sweeping around half the bay with a rocky inhospitable Kalavrian hillsides sweeping round the other half. To one side of the boat was a makeshift goat broken tin shack set on the rocks, with countless Billy Gruffs making eyes at the foraging Nannys.
We woke early and had tea plus Bible etc. then checked the sea temperature….mmm 24′ good enough! Simon had a respectacle swim and climbed back on board to make breakfast and jobaround his lockers and deck. Of course the distant shore was too tempting for me and I just kept on swimming. Standing on the beach, close to the shore are the ruins of warehouses and bakeries built for the Russian fleet in 1834. It is now a site of historical interest. There is also a marble monument dedicated to the kindness and cooperation of …..can’t remember..I think it must be related to the war. Will make a note next time we go there.
As I was swimming to the shore a couple rode by on a 4 wheel open buggy….mmm I wondered if we would have a chat! We all wandered around for a while then, as I made my way back to the sea, I noticed them…standing between me and the water. At this point I wished I was wearing my swimming costume and not a bikini! Oh well.
Half a life-story ( South African ) later I made my way back to the boat…..further than I remembered…as always….second note to self! Before plunging into the very shallow waters I invited them to look us out in Poros and come onboard for a coffee. ( As it happened things changed but we did bump into them a few days later).
Back at the boat we had a leisurely yogurt with honey and egg with AMAZING MEXICAN chilli sauce ( hint to Mexican traveling kids). Plus coffee.
After cleaning up….I polished all the woodwork and cleaned the floors while Simon made a great job of re-securing the boarding ladder so it will take a man’s weight, ( if grasped), when fastened upwards. This sounds trivial but has been bothering us for a while and actually demanded some thought….and several bits and bobs from the trusty spares box. A most pleasing result from both ponderings and action.
Hammock time followed for me….this is the most wonderful treat…time to wonder and marvel with God, to contemplate His awesomeness and thank Him for His mercies and grace. I apologise if this sounds cheesey but actually we are both knowing that we can do nothing of what He is asking without first learning how to, ‘just be’ in His presence. We have been running for so long. He is so with us all in these seasons, we all know that but it’s just that we are now somewhere new and more peaceful, and we are very grateful. I remember catching snatches of this over the years. Up a mountain, by a river…on the balcony.
In the distance I could hear an anchor chain graveling down to the sea bed, then conversation. Simon was chatting ( well, polite shouting) to a new arrival….a kiwi….another half a life story later…! hope we catch up with these people in coming days…but we don’t have to manipulate our times….we decide to weigh anchor and return to the town before the masses.
Nb….we actually did bump into this guy some weeks later which was great.
Interestingly the boat next to Jonathan ( the old sea dog…he knows I call him this) Simon sailed with last year) pulled away just as we approached so we came in next to him again.
After a leisurely lunch of last night’s rice with green beans and onions…made into a salad…with tomato and feta, we did a little fiddling around, chatting etc and then wandered along the quay. Each walking is an opportunity to pray and bless. Beyond all the boats and a tiny little church, to rocks where stone steps enable swimmers to bypass the pesky sea urchins. You have to be careful as this is the main channel where the boats enter but there is plenty of room for us all.
On the way back Simon popped into the chandlers to check on the progress of his new project…..restoring and fitting a second hand passarelle.
The shops don’t re-open until 17.30 so all was sleepy and the tavernas were empty. We tend to stick to this scruffier part of town anyway…the other end is where the mega power boats hang out and the tavernas there are always open.
More hammock time for me.
Afternoon turned into evening and voices from the cockpit broke into my dreams….someone pouring out their woes to Simon.
Later we were all joined by…..a Greek fisherman whose woes were also aired. His wife turned up and a touch of hospitality was born… thank you Lord.I also mentioned that she could give me a cookery lesson. …which soon grew into a cookery school for visiting yachties!
Shouting now… Ref the anchor!!!
A prolonged frenzy followed of the ‘anchor caught in someone’s chain’ variety….thankfully not ours!
Supper next…a Lidl’s German sausage ( left over from the initial victualing) with refried potato and onion plus medveg, followed by a Maltese orange and half a fruit yog each…a feast! We had earlier been tipped off by some Americans about plastic bottles of Rose…1.5l for 2.5euros….we might stock up on these before the season gets going and prices rise.
Some chatting and cockpit gazing later we fell into our lovely bed….now only covered by a simple sheet…the duvet having been relegated to an aft cabin.
Soooo…..that’s some of one fine day. Full of new sights, challenges and people…and I didn’t even mention the smells!

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