Still crazy wind here

Still crazy wind here..F7 and collected so much salt off everything we could go Into business…as usual though it is making us ‘quay squatters’ get friendly and we just organised to all go out together sat night.

Is really funny ..every time a boat comes in we all gather to shout and wave at them..either in or away depending on space. We just had a crazy Greek boat career in with two girls nonchalantly discussing their nails..or wot not…in their cockpit… while bedlam happened around them….we feel like either wreckers or lifeboat crew….even the fog horn..not ours..was used yesterday to get the attention of a wild skipper who wouldn’t believe he could anchor stern-to in a tiny slot…he eventually kicked his heels and braved anchoring in a foaming, over populated bay.where everyone has to re-anchor regularly.

Hey ho…you have heard of cabin fever..well wind fever is pretty bad so gets to you…we have to get off the boat and swim mostly…there is a bay over the hill… ..which is a bit protected..and sandy…hurrah!

Today an iguana climbed over my leg across the sand and over Simon’s! Mmm lovely.

Suddenly about half an hour ago Simon announced we were filling the tanks with water…action stations….washing assembled and bucket and bowl present I flung myself into my ( yup MY) bathroom with all the previously mentioned…and with Simon yelling through the hatch that I had better be quick as I had 3 minutes….3! Where did that come from!! I washed sheets, clothes, tea towels, pillowcases and duvet cover… Plus top speed while he filled the tank. You should have seen the colour of the water…now I have to break it to him that the windlass might not work due to me draining the battery whilst emptying all that water down the plug ‘ole!

So you see…it’s a rum old life…

Ps…we just had our veggie stew…and oh…through the hatch a passing mast….gusty 5 reaching 6/7….a 50ft somethingorother flew past with stricken crew ( and swiss flag) and nearly mounted the mad Greeks ….lots of fenders and closely knitting spreaders later we ..again…thanked God for our inner anchorage…and then…HEY another passing mast..this time on OUR side..opportunists or What! Somehow they are anchored in not quite enough water with stern hanging off the bows of the two boats that they can’t squeeze between….! Get the picture?

This weekend is a holiday one for the Greeks…guess what it’s the celebration of Pentecost..the coming of the Holy Spirit…We welcome you to .Serifos.

Pps ..intrepid Simon just doing something brave with our anchor and lines and other things …maybe go to bed! Oops no…here they come beneteau 411 inching into a Sundream slot..(.which benevolent Simon has offered like a cheese sandwich)….with the cheek of a Greek lover…beneteau man not Simon….hey…there’s a 30lb tuna hanging off his stern…lots of shouting and Bon homie and jumping on our decks….my discreet fender work clearly went unnoticed…think it’s going to be a noisy night….they never stop talking / shouting / laughing and and and….

I have to tell you that the following day we were given an enormous chunk of beautiful fresh tuna. We in turn gave a portion to the Falmouth couple who dived down to re-position the anchor. A splendid outcome!

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