Whilst benefitting from a recent whistle-stop visit to family and friends at home, I tucked a few sue1a‘firsts’ into my belt: a zip wire ride at Hordle rec, a taster few bumps and bends on the local bmx track ( not so wisely accomplished on my upright Pashley road bike) and a visit to a dear and gracious friend at Oakhaven hospice. The first was less satisfactory than I imagined; the second was a reckless though highly necessary attempt to impress two bold biker grandsons and the third was a beautiful and unforgettablesue2a¬†opportunity gifted to me by the loving daughters of my dear friend Sue. Oakhaven hospice is quite the most tranquil and blessed place and my first visit to a hospice is a precious memory I shall not forget.

I just want to see in print a proverb which so aptly sums up Sue’s life, ‘A gracious woman attains honour.’

Today is the last day of August and the seasons are hovering in the gap, clinging to summer yet straining into Autumn. After a ‘champagne sail’ of 3-4 hours yesterday we are now anchored and plan to enjoy a couple of days in this Peloponnese village. The water temperature is still good and the frantic of past weeks is draining from the still hot days and ever-so-slightly chilly nights

Thanks to Lizzie for these lovely pics

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