Suprised Wallet

A longish sail of about 8 hours took us to Kythnos. I took my usual pills but have been having increasingly awful side affects…like being sedated…so arrived in a bit of a daze. Maybe this is why an enthusiastic French mooring angel who couldn’t have tried harder to help us, ended up catapulting into the sea as he heaved the line back to me. Poor guy, then he couldn’t get back ashore and had to swim ( badly…maybe he couldn’t ) to another boat and heave himself up the bathing ladder….before scuttling back to his boat…in a moving puddle.

Later that evening I deposited a can of Greek beer on his coach roof….having first, fruitlessly, called and banged on the cabin window so I could thank him properly

Even later that evening I discovered that I had rewarded the wrong boat…and had to explain to the confused owners that they could keep this unexpected gift anyway. Such is the desire to bless!

The beach where we stayed has a rough circle of stones at one end…as you swim to this ‘well’ from the sea, the water becomes noticeable warmer and climbing into the inner pool is a journey from pleasantly soothing to positively HOT! A most strange experience and one shared with an interesting variety of other spa bathers. We didn’t stay long.

The ‘marina’ was supervised by a super sleek Greek lass on a bicycle who didn’t need a megaphone. She ordered us to the office where in excess of 15€ was extracted from Simon’s surprised wallet. When he protested she dismissed him. No water included either.

For this unusually inflated sum we enjoyed a meal on board in an increasingly crowded little harbour with accompanying entertainment from the beach wedding party….gloriously continuing until 5am the following morning. We did however meet some lovely Athens boys who had whizzed over in their motorboats for the weekend party, so left with a good humour.

A shortish ( these days) skip of 3ish hours across to Kea …with no pills…after the midday wind had let up… found us in a wide bay where we anchored in a bit of a chop…and ate the last of the homemade moussaka, whilst watching the remnants of the Athens boats reluctantly romp home.

An early 6am start on Monday and we were happy to leave the swell and head back to Poros. No pills and no sick again.

10knts of wind easily wins us 5 knots speed and we spent 8 hot hours romping across the wide sea and into Poros, where we happily found our favourite slot awaiting us. It was good to make a sweep of the Peloponnese and Cyclades ( pronounced see clard ease) and meet some lovely sociable people but we were glad to be back.

The rest of this week has been spent visiting my new friend Nicoletta up the hill whilst Simon tinkered with little boat jobs, anchoring in our favourite bay, swimming, writing, arguing and reading……
To be honest it is taking a while to settle into our own boat rhythm.

So here we are back again….happily secured against the 20knt winds we expect tomorrow.

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