Meet the neighbours

August 14 2013
I Swam across to a liveaboard boat this morning…easiest way to say hello and as he was swinging on his anchor very close to our mooring it seemed a good idea to make friendly contact. We had also noticed that there was a dog aboard so I was hoping for some good advice for when we bring Kezzie out next year.
After a lengthy consultation concerning, canine management on board, we concluded our chat and I returned for a welcome chilli mayo and tomato wrap.
Some time later, with Simon reading in the cockpit and me back in the water, we received a return visit from our new friend.
This time we had the life story! Professional skipper of massive yachts, divorce, enterprising sons and daughter, new partner, a yearning for English Pubs and yacht club bars, a weary dislike of bankrupt countries and the recent suffering of stormy Aegean seas.
We then learnt…as he turned to swim away…of his real reason for coming to see us. ‘One thing I meant to say is this….go to Maine….spend three months cruising there, it’s the best sailing in the world!’
What a thoughtful chap.

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