Greek Girls

ladiesEarly one morning we were roused from the alure of our water bed by shrieks of laugher and delighted chatter, wafting across the bay and calling us out of our dreams like the aroma of fresh toast.

‘Wow those Greek kids are tireless’, we patiently noted to our pillows. Moments passed and the ‘Greek kids’ soon became ‘Greek girls’ as we cleverly identified the high pitched chatter and squeals of delight coming from the beach.
After a hasty yogourty sort of breakfast we took the r.dub ashore and tied to a post marking the track leading to the beach. Climbing out of our trusty little vessel is a highly undignified procedure but when my eyes finally located objects other than feet….behold! Our tireless frolicking Greek Girls swayed into view. Quiet now and carefully treading a stony route home to rinse out their swimming costumes….ready for next time.

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