Formentura to Malta

May 10 06.56 after spending a peaceful night Rope Sole bade farewell to Formentera as the sun rose and the wind considered her tactics, 18 knts to be precise, after keeping the guys waiting a mere hour.By 20.00 the log shows ‘ bumpy in the extreeme’. At this point up in the voyage the mass of bagged meals was investigated and even approved.
The strong NE, ENE and then E winds were pushing the boat too far South so when the wind turned to the East the engine was started and they turned to windward.
May 11 no vessels seen and the night sky was full of stars and lightenening the wind continued to blow a decent NE. By morning the seas were lumpy and and the hoped for Northerly was clearly busy elsewhere. By mid afternoon the sailing was lovely, though the direction was wrong and a ship had been sighted.
May 12 Charlie came on watch to a hair raising manoever as 2 vessels passed either side of Rope Sole. The day continued with 8-10 knots of E or NE wind and a number of vessels kept the radio hot as discussions with the bridge as to which route they would take to pass.
An uncomfortable swell continued throughout the day but the dolphins happily accompanied their new friend.
At a little after 18.00 a semi submerged object was sighted on the port side…there was a shout and Terry, who was as the helm, swung the wheel just as a floating TREE thumped the hull.
No damage to be seen but rather a surprise!
May 13 Moderated seas, course corrections to account for drift and current….and then the first shearwater seen in the Med. so far.
By the time the new moon was up and the swell had finally died down the wind was a strong NW.
May 14 The AIS, which had been temperamental for some days, finally gave up. The wind continued and the engine was only used for 30 mins. The guys chomped their way through the tins and a baby cuttlefish found its way on board.
Meanwhile, Kate arrived in Malta and was met by a lovely new friend, Margaret, who took her home for supper and a sleep.
May 15 At 02.56 Terry recorded Malta on the bow, 8nm away.Gozo swung into view to starboard and St. Paul’s Bay after that.
07.00 Simon called my mobile and I packed my bags ready to join the boat.

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