Three tortoise walkabout


This was our Last Sunday before leaving for the 45 mile trundle round to the boatyard and a lightly clouded sky assured a not too hot walk before lunch. Following some well recalled landmarks we took a steep upwards route, left at  frangipane corner, right at the old community bread…

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Paying it forward


Some smiley-snippets to remember were during the 4 nights we recently spent at anchor in an island bay. Throughout the day both modest and grand motor boats deposit their guests in these warm waters, via jet-skis, bathing platforms and rubber tubes. Yachts arrive for lunch stops and day trippers are…

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Change of Plan


The weather has been odd this summer. A regular cycle offering a period of calm followed by a few rather windy days. Not the usual summer meltemi pattern which used to be a predictable northerly blow each day. Consequently (because I am not a windy-wind sailor) our routes and destinations…

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Whilst benefitting from a recent whistle-stop visit to family and friends at home, I tucked a few ‘firsts’ into my belt: a zip wire ride at Hordle rec, a taster few bumps and bends on the local bmx track ( not so wisely accomplished on my upright Pashley road bike)…

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Cool Runnings


It’s strange the way a ‘post’ creeps up on me…taps me on the shoulder and dances across the page of another writer’s show. So, whilst we are sheltering in a secluded bay, held securely over an oyster strewn sea bed by out trusty anchor and some fancy yellow rock lines…I…

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Well, here we go…a confession. Perhaps this blog has been rather too positive to date. To be honest we have tried to gloss over any problems and highlight the abundance of good experiences we enjoy…because that makes better reading and infinitely better memories. BUT….it is not all easy-peasy sunshine and…

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North and South


We have just spent a happy few days at anchor, a short rubberdub ride away from yet another quay. This village has a northern and southern side. The north, our preference, has a little harbour around which nestle a goodly selection of shops, cafés and tavernas. The back streets are…

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Making the break


Well we had to move off sometime. Life on the island was becoming too comfortable. A friendly diver sorted the mooring we share with our salty dog friend and we spent a sociable week in the bay. Swimming, walking the dog, putting the world to rights over greek coffee in…

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Round the bend


The myriad of narrow ‘roads’ rising unevenly above the harbour provide a never ending source of exercise and entertainment for locals, visitors, their visitors and of course our dog, Kezzie. This morning she and I embarked upon the daily mystery tour, each pretending to the other that we had a precise…

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