Mermaid in the Cyclades


A shortish romp of about 35 miles has brought us to another favourite bay. We have anchored here many times before, more memorably in Northerly gales but now under a clear blue sky and in transparent turquoise water. With only one other boat in sight, our little retreat from conversation…

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Whose bridge?

devils bridge low

A cloudy day, which was forecast to stay cold and windy, provoked the suggestion to have, ‘a nice day out.’ We shoved a few bits and bobs down below and took the short car-ferry crossing to the mainland. The sharp left turn into the hills above Galatas snaked through little…

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Spring flowers


A long but very pleasing journey from Milford, via a wonderful family bash ( these gatherings are never without incident, this time a pesky little accident which gave us an amazing opportunity to stand together in prayer, a momentarily unwatched Kezzie who mooched off to explore local gardens and Dunc…

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Super Mauro and wild flowers


Many years ago wise Christian leaders taught us the value of being flexible…in every aspect of life and relationships. To hold people, plans and expectations lightly. Challenging but this has probably been the best advice we have ever received, especially whilst living 50/50 at home in Milford and on Rope…

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