One day Chris was being rowed back to the boat after treasure hunting on ‘our ‘ little beach. She suddenly squealed with delight and pointed to oysters standing upright on the bottom. Joel yelled…’go on mum’, so I retrieved a couple and Chris awaited the pearls. Alas, nothing but slimey,…

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High Five!!


A long sail down to Monamvasia was great fun, especially as Joel was full  of energy and longing to try out every winch, block, cleat, line and wotnot that Simon had fitted for the voyage down. The spinnaker was hoisted with much cheering and laughter and we romped between the…

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When we started Rope Sole 10 years ago the aim was to be a, ‘drop in the ocean’, against the hopelessness we saw in Egypt. So we found Egyptian potters, artists, and artisans, set up the business and imported their wares. Many of you supported us and ( even though…

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Greek Girls


Early one morning we were roused from the alure of our water bed by shrieks of laugher and delighted chatter, wafting across the bay and calling us out of our dreams like the aroma of fresh toast. ‘Wow those Greek kids are tireless’, we patiently noted to our pillows. Moments…

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The other side

June 20th Serifos Hiya……probably should tell you about today…we awoke to a calm force 5… Wow this is unusual…we have been having much more than that for days. In fact when we arrived on Monday at 8pm ish it was at least 7. We circled round the big bay wondering…

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Seize the day

June 15 Hiya lovely Agnes…as you seem interested…and there is an opportunity to write…we are plodding along the beautiful though clouded coastline under motor ( wind on the nose!) …..I will tell you yesterday’s story. We had planned to spend a second day in our harbour but as the morning…

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Mind the gap

Malta was where we decided I should catch up with Rope Sole and I made contact with wonderful, hospitable, praying Christians with whom I could spend the night before she arrived. Whilst there I met Sharon. This is her story. Sharon was clearly called by God to live and ‘be’…

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Meet the neighbours

August 14 2013 I Swam across to a liveaboard boat this morning…easiest way to say hello and as he was swinging on his anchor very close to our mooring it seemed a good idea to make friendly contact. We had also noticed that there was a dog aboard so I…

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There’s more than one way to make tzatziki! Here we are..tucked into a lively, chattering Greek community…an abundance of fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs with which to experiment, local wine to sample plus old and new friends to help us enjoy an evening in the cockpit now and again. Simple!…

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Back again

Friday 26 July After two weeks back home we are…… Sitting outside on a wide paved quayside, recently purloined by the latest cafe venturist, we sigh with the pleasure of returning and the scene before us. A random selection of boats jostle along this quay, ‘stern to’, mostly privately owned…

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