Lazy days at Plaka

This hospitable little fishing village is fast becoming a favourite destiination for us. It was lovely to bring Tristan and Heather here and watch them unwind after a difficult year. The harbour is best surveyed from the balcony of Baba Yannis’ taverna whilst his nephew Tomas buzzes back and forth…each…

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A New Bucket


I am currently sitting in the cockpit alongside a blue bucket. It is a very nice NEW bucket…purchase of which necessitated by my careless positioning of the previous one. I had determined to wash away all evidence ( mostly crumbs) of an evening meal last night on deck. Actually it…

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One fine day

I thought you might like to know what a typical day ( in this case Wednesday May 29 ) looks like…Tuesday night we were anchored off Russian Bay…this is a spacious yet protected spot with panoramic views of the Peloponnese mountains tucked under with straggling settlements sweeping around half the…

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