Days like this


Sitting on the mooring like a couple of dazed chickens we were thinking, chatting and reading our way through the first day of rest after several weeks of activity. Suddenly, the ferry, which had menaced its way to the quay, through a gaggle of rather too closely anchored yachts, let…

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Lying low


In just one week the Greek sailing scene changes dramatically. The third week of July heralds the onset of max-out-here-we-come sailors and their families, we understand completely as, many years ago that was us too. So we try to lie low, stay away from the harbour quays and find smaller…

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Pink Flamingos


I am writing this on the last day of June and with the temperature happily soaring into the roaring 40’s we can safely declare the banner of high summer to be well and truly hoisted. Only ten days ago we were crouching at anchor in a lonely bay, peering through…

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The evening before heading out to the Cyclades we took steep winding steps to a strategic ridge overlooking both the bay and channel leading to Poros quay. Each time we make our huffing, puffing ascent we discover a different path, plant or hidden treasure. This time our scratchy stubbly track…

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Fixing stuff


Little tasks accomplished speedily can make a huge difference to life aboard. Recently Simon found and affixed a vintage ( ie the only one the chandler could find) hook to our cabin wall…now two straw hats no longer float annoyingly around  the saloon. He also sawed, sanded and varnished a piece of…

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The lemon


Huddled under our leaky spray-hood on a spit spotting cloudy day, I am surveying a line of fishing boats, one owner deftly darning his nets using expansive arm manoeuvres and a large curved needle. The music singing from his tinny radio, set deep within the dog house, is delightfully old…

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Nothing is hidden

hidden boat

The bay is slowly filling with a delightful selection of boats, ranging from 8 modest metres to the occasional 20 of sleek, polish and shine. Many drop their anchors for a single night but several, like us, loiter, spending our days experimenting with local ingredients on tiny stoves, pottering ashore…

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Thank You!

flower bunch 2018

The first around-the-island walk of the season is always special and each one tops the last. Yesterday we set off along the quay and were quickly greeted by a Serbian ‘Summer-live aboard’ couple and their large wet dog who enthusiastically wound himself around Kezzie, her lead, me, them and the…

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Three tortoise walkabout


This was our Last Sunday before leaving for the 45 mile trundle round to the boatyard and a lightly clouded sky assured a not too hot walk before lunch. Following some well recalled landmarks we took a steep upwards route, left at  frangipane corner, right at the old community bread…

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Paying it forward


Some smiley-snippets to remember were during the 4 nights we recently spent at anchor in an island bay. Throughout the day both modest and grand motor boats deposit their guests in these warm waters, via jet-skis, bathing platforms and rubber tubes. Yachts arrive for lunch stops and day trippers are…

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